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The team

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Tactical Soldier is a global collaboration effort by the independent team behind games like ElectroCute, TouchWars, Smack Boxing, Smack Hockey and Monster Ball. The team has worked on proprietary titles for the last 3-4 years and has done game development as contractor for decades.

Years ago, the founders Magnus and Thomas met at a game developer conference in Oregon, USA and have since produced unique games under the ”Full Control and WIT Entertainment” collaboration label. Although separated by hundreds of kilometers they have managed to reliably produce self-funded games in various genres and on various platforms, while maintaining their independence.

Magnus sits all summer with his dog Nemo in a cottage overlooking the Swedish Skärgården and letting art inspiration run wild while modelling zombies in 3ds Max and painting blood splatter textures in Photoshop.

Thomas drives back and forth between Malmö in Sweden - where he lives - and Copenhagen in Denmark - where he works - to secure funding while playing the roles of coder, producer, project manager and family father.  He escapes daily life by making this game come alive.

Daily work for the founders spans half the globe, as the team is all virtual. Andrey sits in the Ukraine and hacks away on his keyboard to code C# all day. John fiddles with his audio gear in Kansas, USA. Enthring enjoy a sauna in Finland banging away on their instruments. Pat inks story panels on the west coast of USA, Julie tunes the marketing machine in Denmark, Laurids is somewhere on Cloud 9 dreaming up designs etc. etc. The team’s connection into the indie collaboration network is broad and really shows what’s possible to do in a globalized world.

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