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Q: What is Tactical Soldier - Undead Rising?

Tactical Soldier is a turn based game on a squad level. You control individual soldiers and move them around and control each action they take.

Q: I completed campaign 1. What now?

We plan to expand the game with more campaigns. Campaign 2 is scheduled to release early Fall 2011 and will be available as an ingame purchase on the campaign selection screen.

Version 1.3 also added a "hardcore" mode, which makes all game much more difficult so you can also replay the first campaign, if you dare...

Q: Where do I see the action points for a character?

In the lower bottom of the screen above the character. There are small yellow dots - one for each action point left.

Q: Can I make some actions with one character, do some with another and then go back to the first?

Yes! You can at any time click on a character and gain control of him in any order you decide. The game cycles through a certain order, but you are free to do something else for each round of combat.

Q: What is opportunity fire? I didn't fully understand it.

Opportunity fire makes the selected character shoot at any enemy that comes into range in the zombie turn. For example if you know that zombies are behind a corner and they will attack you in their turn; Instead of spending all your action points to move towards them, you can let the zombies come to you with your gun ready to fire.

As long as your character has ammunition in his gun and action points left, he will take a shot at the enemy. This is very powerful to use at the right time with the right weapon. You can set a given character into opportunity fire by clicking the button on the right side and then the direction to face.

Q: How is combat resolved?

Each character has a base accuracy at range 0 for the 3 weapon categories - close combat, light weapons and heavy weapons. Each weapon has a accuracy reduction per range unit which is then deducted from the characters base accuracy. This is the % shown above the head of an enemy.

When a shot it taken, the game takes a random roll to see if you hit the enemy or not. So if an enemy has 50% shown above his head there is a 50% chance to hit with the given weapon.

If a hit occurs, the game takes another random roll to see if your character made a critical hit (double damage - shown in yellow font). It also rolls for the enemy dodging the hit based on its defense skill which would result in a "Dodge".

A given weapon has a damage range. This is another random roll to determine the exact damage applied to the enemy.

Q: Does it feature multiplayer?

No. Tactical Soldier is (for now) a single player game only featuring a heavily narrated storyline.

Q: I have a great idea or something in the game annoys me. Do you want me to tell you and how?

YES - by all means. We love your feedback on both things you like, annoying parts of the game as well as ideas for improvements.

We can't promise we will implement or fix things exactly as you suggest. But we will listen and happily take a discussion on each piece of feedback.

To contact us, simply send us an email via the contacts page on this site.

Q: I don't like zombies, but I love turn based games. What to do?

Buy the game to support us, enjoy it anyways and then send us feedback on what kind of TBS you want to play :-)

We have plans to make similar games to Tactical Soldier - Undead Rising but with different settings. Knowing what people like to play will help us determine what to do next. And your money will help us realize that.

Q: What does it mean that its an indie game?

Indie games are made by both amateurs or like in this case professionals funded by their own money. No one gave the team any money to make this game. It was all paid for by hard earned money from the developers themselves, and the only source of income on the game will be sales of it.


Q: What platforms does the game run on?

The game runs on iOS devices - meaning iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

PC and Mac versions are in the works and will be announced when available.

Q: Does it run on 1st and 2nd generation iOS devices?

Unfortunately not at the moment. The artwork and audio eats too much memory for it to run on early devices. We will assess if its possible to make slimmed down versions at a later point in time.

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