Tactical Soldier - Undead Rising released!

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Buy Tactical Soldier - Undead Rising!Tactical Soldier - Undead Rising is available now on the App Store for just $4.99!

We're extremely happy to announce that the game is finally released!

Tactical Soldier - Undead Rising features a story driven campaign with hand-drawn comic book cut-scenes. 8 unique levels packed to the brim with a variety of flesh-craving undead and an equally nice selection of weapons to halt their rampage! Everything takes place in a full 3D world, with a freely moving camera allowing you to explore the bowels of the base. Our innovative action-camera system makes sure you see the blood spraying on the walls as the zombies eat their way into your squad!

iPad n’ Gravy

Tactical Soldier – Undead Rising isn’t just another zombie-based iPad game; it offers depth and complexity that many of its predecessors lack.... The game is visually appealing; comic book-inspired cut scenes help build the story line and the 360 degree perspective adds a “PC game” feel to a genre that often lacks complexity. Gameplay is smooth and the turn-based system works well in iOS.

Digitally Downloaded

...Tactical Soldier: Undead Rising - a fairly straightforward strategy RPG dealing with a zombie invasion in a way that only B-grade entertainment can deal with. It's no Disgaea, it's no Final Fantasy Tactics, but it's a rollicking good time nonetheless... It's all balanced pretty well, although you'll feel a definite sense of progression, you'll also never get to the point where you feel too overpowered - important given the horror trappings. Weapons, too, are doled out conservatively, but you'll never quite run out of ammunition - this isn't a Resident Evil game.


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Magnus Blikstad