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Just a few of the iTunes reviews from around the world! (remember to leave one yourself too!).
We couldn't be more pleased with the reception we're getting! Thanks everyone!

Get this game!!!!!
Finally a zombie based game that rewards strategic thought! An inspiring approach to the genre for "true" zombie game aficionados. (the original Resident evil games etc.). Very highly recommended!
Romero Steel

This game is in the style of the old xcom games, and it lives up to the heritage. Little touches like opportunity fire and variable strength weapons really makes this an immersive experience!

Well worth the $!Websteria

Awesome game
Excellent gameplay and great story a must buy for every one!!!!!

This is one hell of addictive game!!!!Master 1972

Very nice turn-based shooter
Anyone familiar with the Jagged Alliance, Silent Storm, Laser Squad or X-Com series is going to feel right at home with this game.Canyonxplorer

XCOM with Zombies
I'm really enjoying playing this game so far. Brilliant.quased

good game
Very entertaining and good if you want a little XCom fix. highly recommended.kamiPad

This game is a mix of X-Com and The Walking Dead with a good story line. The camera is a little pain to move around but the graphics, sound, story and gameplay is fantastic.

So far, the best iPhone game of 2011.Alt-X

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Magnus Blikstad